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Today’s organizations recognize the fact that leadership is a shared responsibility. It is not confined by the walls of a boardroom, but manifests itself throughout the ranks of the entire enterprise. And make no mistake! Only few are natural born leaders. The good news is: there is a way to unlock the full leadership potential of your organization and yourself. It is called the Leadership Game!

Business continuity and resilience
Crisis management and communication
Ethics and Integrity
Organizational Change
Technology & Innovation

How it works

Improving your leadership skills starts with awareness about the way you gather, process and exchange information and knowledge in order to manage the situation. Including arguments, conflicting interests of various stakeholders, and possible consequences. The outcome depends heavily on your skills. The Leadership Game provides an engaging scenario based learning environment where you can safely explore the inner workings of these processes. On your computer screen the story will unfold in real time as a result of the decisions you make. This learning-by-doing approach allows you to raise your awareness about yourself as a decision-maker. This in turn puts you in an excellent position to adapt and improve. Don’t cut yourself short: lead the way!

Benefits of Game based learning

Game based learning shows one of the highest retention rates amongst various ways of training. It is a standardised, objective, web based and a safe environment for exploring your 21st century leadership skills.

  • Engaging: Fun and motivating to do, and better fitted to the needs of Millennials
  • Effective: Higher retention rate compared to classic classroom training and e-learning
  • Efficient: Short (hours instead of days) and to the point scenarios at e-learning prices
  • Realistic: High quality learning content customisable to the leadership challenges of your organisation
  • Easy to use: Online access without installing additional software