What is a Simulation Game?
Simulation games are games with a primary purpose which exceeds pure entertainment. Our game mechanics are used to achieve sustained changes in professional skills and behaviour. Thus, the learning objective is outside the game.

How do your games differentiate from other games?
Our games are the result of a long-term research cooperation between Thales Research & Technology and University of Twente in the Netherlands. More information on our research can be found on www.txchange.nl.

What are the Key Learning Points?
Our games offer you a powerful and personalized learning space. This new type of learning experience helps you exploring the consequences of different leadership styles and learn from them. The game requires no strategy, tactics or specific actions that you can take to getting the high scores. The detailed personalised feedback highlights the skill sets in need of improvement.

How to learn?
You can play our games in formal training settings with a trainer as well as informally just by yourself, or in combination (blended learning approach). Each game has specific instructions how to play based on the inquiry learning paradigm. In general, it starts by forming your own mental model about the situation at hand. In the second phase you play the game in several ways, in which you explore various ways to go through the game. The feedback you receive make you think about how you would explain your results based on the mental image you had initially and your assumption regarding the factors that influence them. Thus, your sense making and reasoning process is stimulated.

Is it possible to develop customised games?
Please contact our office (training@txchange.nl) if you are interested in adapting existing games or building new customised games for your organization.

What do I need to play the game?
What you need is a computer with an internet connection and and a Flash-enabled web-browser. The game is delivered as a web-based service. The game is optimized for pc’s and laptops.

How long does it take to play a game?
Depending on how the player follows the ‘How to Learn’ Instructions, total time might range between 1 and 2 hours.

How can I access the game?
If you are part of a group, all players are registered in the system by the instructor/trainer/company. If you are not part of a group just register in the web shop, buy the game and receive credentials to play the game.

Can I play the game on a iPad?
The game is playable on tablets that support Flash. With cloud-based screen mirroring technology (like the Puffin Browser) you can play the game on your iPad.

How does the registration work?
Each participant’s username will be the e-mail address to which he/she receives the registration e-mail. The username cannot be modified later. From then on, participants can log into the gamesimulation with the use of a link. Participants can enter and re-enter the gamesimulation at any time.

How long will I continue to have access?
From the time you registered, we guarantee a minimal availability of 6 months.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
The terms and conditions for using the game can be found here and in the shop.

Are my actions being logged?
We will ask you explicitly using your data on a strictly anonymous and aggregated level for research purposes. The objective of our research is in getting insights about management and leadership capacities.