The Cyber Game allows us to make public and private organizations aware of the risks of cyber attacks for the operation of business processes. It is an engaging and effective way to start a dialogue between stakeholders on how to manage the risks imposed by cyber attacks.

René van Buuren, Director Cyber security Thales Netherlands

We’re living in exciting times. In the age of the multi-media world, data is the new currency. It is invaluable to governments, enterprises and emerging business. Value also attracts unwanted guests, constantly putting the continuity of your business at risk. For data-driven organisations it is therefore crucial to prepare for cyber-attacks. Our leadership game is an important tool to make yourself aware of potential risks and ways to deal with these risks.

Cyber Game

In the game you play the role of a crisis manager at a major petrochemicals company: Petrochemical Incorporated. This company remotely supervises its operations. You have plants in various countries and cities including Aberdeen in Scotland, Leeds and Blackpool in England, and Bordeaux and Lyon in France. It’s the 21st of December, 7pm London time, 8pm in Paris where the head office is located. All is calm. It’s business as usual …

For whom?
When you are a professional working in an industrial company, this game might be of great value to you to improve your leadership skills in business continuity management.

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