Mayors and their advisors really appreciate this innovative learning instrument. The game complements regular crisis exercises. The focus is on crisis management dilemmas. There are no good or false decisions. What matters is what options are considered, the value of advices and how possible implications are evaluated. The real value of the game is in the plenary debriefing. Peers learn from each other’s view points on crisis management.

Wouter Jong, Advisor Crisis Management Dutch Association of Mayors
How to deal in crisis situations under time pressure? I.e. crisis situations caused by unpredictable events, unexpected media presence and other unforeseen circumstances. It is in these moments of truth that your leadership skills play a crucial role. Our leadership games are an ideal learning tool to train your critical judgment, decision-making and crisis communication skills.

Mayor Game
The Mayor Club is a game-based learning environment for developing your leadership skills in crisis situations such as terrorist attacks, influx of refugees and extreme weather conditions. The game provides an engaging and realistic scenario-based learning environment where you can safely explore your judgment, creative problem-solving and decision-making skills in time-pressured crisis situations.

For Whom?
When you are a public officer or business professional dealing with crisis situations, this game might be of great value to you in developing your crisis management skills.

Demo scenario
Imagine you are the mayor of Trouveen, a small community in the middle of a beautiful forestry countryside. Recreation is key to your community. On August 8, as you are looking forward to the weekend, an alert council member informs you that at the popular campsite ‘Alderbergen’ in Trouveen, 35 neo-Nazis are planning a BBQ. The event is organised by two fellow townsmen with known right wing extremist sympathies. Rumour has it that the neo-Nazis are planning a trip in to town to demonstrate their right to freedom of speech. A core team of city officials is assembled.

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