We use the Leadership Game to train governors, directors & administrators of public organisations in integrity. The game provides our trainees with a challenging environment to become aware of their personal values with regard to public policy. It triggers the right discussions and is easy to use.

Annemiek Meinen, Trainer Beuk Organisatieadvies

The Leadership Game is a perfect instrument to make our employees aware of the importance of business ethics and their personal moral compass. Instead of a packed powerpoint presentation trainees now can experience business ethics in a risk free and engaging way.

Hans Elfering, Trainer Thales Nederland BV
Ethics & integrity are everybody’s concern when making moral judgements about right and wrong. Each one of us, from employee, to top manager, is confronted with moral decision-making in the course of his or her life. To create a corporate responsible culture, it is therefore crucial to train yourself in moral judgment and decision-making. Our leadership games are excellent tools in recognizing the moral dimension of business dilemmas and to gain insight into your personal moral compass.

Business or Ethics? – The Game
This game is a game-based learning environment for developing your leadership skills in business ethics and integrity. The game provides an engaging and realistic scenario-based learning environment where you can safely explore your moral compass in a wide range of professional situations.

For whom?
When you are a professional involved in the decision-making process of your company on a regular basis, this game might be of great value to you in gaining insight into your moral compass.

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