We use the Capture Game to improve the skills of Thales system architects and product design authorities in weighting the different interest in the development of complex system-of-systems. The game was really appreciated by the Topclass group and was seen as a valuable addition to the training programme.

Jacek Skowronek, Group Expert System Architecture at Thales
Developing innovative high technological systems is becoming increasingly complex. It requires the cooperation of multiple stakeholders within and outside the boundaries of organisations. New technologies emerge in an astonishing pace. Competition is intensifying and taking new forms. The institutional environment is increasingly statutory and regulatory. Managers and architects operating in the fuzzy front end of innovation therefore need to develop their ability to collaborate, consider situations at different levels and from different perspectives; reduce complexity, for oneself and for others; and be agile and focused on the important. Leadership games can help organisations to build these competencies.

Capture Game
The Capture game is a game-based learning environment for developing your technological leadership skills. The game provides an engaging and realistic scenario-based learning environment where you can safely explore your collaborative engineering skills in a complex bid project.

For whom?
When you are an engineer, system engineer or design authority working in a high-tech company, this game might be of great value to you in developing your technological leadership skills.

Demo scenario

Imagine you are the Project Design Authority (PDA) for a newly received bid from a country in the Mediterranean region. A lot is at stake with this bid. Your company’s order portfolio is rather empty at the moment, and both your company, and its subcontractors see this bid as an opportunity to acquire work for many years to come. Can you make this bid a success?

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